Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox v4.4.0

Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox

Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox is a powerful physically based dynamic sky system that will rise your project to another level. It was developed to be simple, fast and easy to use while keeping all the power and control in your Hands.

Azure[Sky] contains two different sky systems that work independently and each of them has a different purpose and features. The sky material can be used as a default skybox or as a skydome and it is possible to customize the sky with several different styles and effects.

Standard Sky System: This sky system has been completely redone in version 4.2.0 and comes with a new interface and many new features.

new Profiles System.
new Climate System.
new Sound Effects.
new Fog System.
new Height Fog .
new Calendar System.
new Curve System.
new Output System.

Standalone Demos:
Weather || GI

Precomputed Sky System: This sky system is based on the most realistic sky model of the present days, it uses precomputed data and gives you a high fidelity sky like the real life. This sky model supports altitude variations and is suitable for anyone who wants an extremely realistic atmospheric effect.

The new Precomputed Sky System is still in development, so Azure[Sky] v4.1.2 is included in the package allowing the use of the old version of the precomputed sky system along with the old version of the standard sky system.

Standalone Demos:
old Standard Sky || old Precomputed Sky

Keep in mind that the precomputed sky system is under development, so it does not yet have a weather system and a cloud system that supports altitude variation to work with it.

General Features:
* Physically Based Sky Shading.
* Dynamic Day and Night Cycles.
* Realistic Fog Scattering.
* Time and Date System.
* Accurate Position of the Sun and Moon Based on Time, Date and Location.
* Accurate Moon Phases with Automatic Adjustment.
* Supports Linear and Gamma Color Spaces.
* Supports All Rendering Paths.
* All C# Source Code.

Looking for a more simpler sky system with a affordable price?? Please take a look at Azure[Sky] Lite.

Obs: Some assets in the images, videos and demo scenes belong to other packages of the Asset Store and are not included with this package.

3rd party assets used in the showcases: Horizon[ON]
Tropical Forest Pack
Advanced Foliage Shaders v.5
Mega Game Music Collection
Simple Town Lite
Post Processing Stack

Note! You need:
Unity 5.6.0f3 to download Azure v4.2.0.
Unity 5.3.4 to download Azure v3.0.4.
Unity 5.0.0 to download Azure v2.0.1.

Asset version: 4.4.0
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