uMMO v2.0.14 alpha

uMMO v2.0.14 alpha

Welcome to uMMO - Bypassing issues with and heavily improving upon native Unity Networking since 2014

Unity 2017.x ready

MAJOR overhaul in the making. Exciting new features (published very shortly):
- Much more stable authoritative movement! Overhauled:
x lag compensation
x client side prediction
x input processing
- own highly efficient area-of-interest management solution

We are also working on (YEARS in the making and also ready soon):
- Database integration (ANY relational, ADO-supported, database engine)
- own ORM layer
- login
- chat

ATTENTION: Releases containing new features are likely to increase package price.

For those who have experience working with UNET: Tired of unstable SyncVars and SyncLists in UNET? uMMO has it's own, more flexible and more stable way of easily synchronizing variables while still using native UNET. And for those who even remember working with the old (now depricated/obsolete) Unity networking system: Yes, buffered variable sync and one-liner de-/serialization are integrated again. All while profiting off the advantages of UNET, and bypassing many of it's problems.

Examples of uMMO being used in real games (Contact us if you know of other games or if you make a game using uMMO):
Heaven Island
Woodle Tree 2
Heaven Forest VR MMO

No hard CCU limit! Ever! You can host a local server for testing and later host the actual live server yourself (Linux and Windows supported, no additional software needed at all) or just let us host it! Its your choice completely. Runs in Unity Personal and Pro (and Plus)!

Would you like to host your own dedicated game server? Do you aim for maximum privacy and control?
Do you need a networking framework that is easy to use and highly maintainable?
Do you need a networking framework that is flexible with outstanding support?
If you answer any of these questions positively, uMMO is the perfect tool for you!
Game servers hosting by yourself (on-premise) or as a service.

Support (Email and Skype) | 1h+ Feature Overview Tutorial | Authoritative Setup+General Do's and Don'ts Tutorial

Made With A Passion For Maintainability With ONE click change object configuration logic. We believe we took the effort to create a very intuitive comprehensible and reliable developer interface: Easily add movement interpolation to make remote controlled characters appear just like locally controlled ones. Furthermore uMMO features automatic synchronization of animations with ONE click: that means no separate network controllers for animations necessary anymore! Legacy and Mecanim are supported natively! Using drag and drop you easily decide which scripts are being executed on server or clients. Either for the local client who controls your player object or scripts that are applicable for the characters who are controlled by players half-way around the world. This way script separation is being encouraged - even for highly custom and complex MMOs - which greatly benefits maintainability of your project.

Design server and client in the same scene at the same time!
Because of our approach data models do not have to be synchronized anymore: uMMO is the best tool for rapid prototyping especially for open world MMOs. Although you deploy the same scene to server and client you can completely hide code from the client he shouldn't see using built-in server and client code separation. Because of the full control you have over your project and over what happens on server and client we were able to provide you with REAL authoritative MMO capabilities while giving you maximum flexiblity.

Absolutely THE EASIEST way of integrating any character controller (authoritative server and local player-authority) Character/Player controller setups are different. We know that. And we built uMMO around that fact. One example is how easy it is to configure your character for authoritative movement. In many setups you only need to do 2 things:

1. If you have a controller script which looks like this:
public class MyPlayerController: NetworkBehaviour { (or MonoBehaviour for that matter)
change it to this:
public class MyPlayerController: SoftRare.Net.PlayerAction {
2. Change your Input collecting code lines from this: Input.GetAxis("Horizontal"); to this: uMMOInput.GetAxis("Horizontal");

Continue using ANY native UNET feature.
uMMO uses 100% native Unity networking code and does not limit your options.

Example 1: While we are working on our own solutions for the issue, in the meantime just use UNET native area-of-interest management.
Example 2: uMMO works with and without "local player authority" setting of the NetworkIdentity component (part of native Unity Networking, aka UNET) and takes it into account.
Example 3: Do you use any other 3rd party asset/own solution which is utilizing UNET? uMMO will integrate seemlessly, and you can make use of any uMMO functionality while working with that other asset.
Example 4: Somethings not working? Search for solutions on the web: All UNET solutions will also work with uMMO.

Works in Unity Personal, Plus and Pro!. Works on all Mono-enabled platforms which support UNET. Specifically tested on: standalone Windows/Linux (works with and without headless server), Android.
In the next version will work with IL2CPP.

Whats more?
- uMMO does not send you in any particular direction gameplay-wise: Build MMORPG, MMOFPS, MMORTS, ...
- Powerful input engine: Automatic input synchronization between server and client (authoritative server setup)
- Tired of unstable SyncVars and SyncLists? uMMO has it's own, more flexible and more stable way of easily synchronizing variables while still using native UNET
- Powerful plugin engine: Drag and drop configuration! Also: Define your own plugins easily!
- Own system for network time syncronization
- Powerful and proven serialization engine: Serialize everything out-of-the-box: Even nested dictionaries! - Instantiate players as well as NPCs (non-player characters)
- 100% native Unity network code: convert your existing singleplayer AND multiplayer game for use with uMMO easily!
- Server-client code separation
- While working on our own solutions, in the meantime just use UNET native area-of-interest management.
- 100% object-oriented and well-structured C# code.
- Receive full source code if you contact us with your invoice number!
- every feature/property in this package is documented with in-Editor documentation via MouseOver-hints.
- more inside, and even more to come. ATTENTION: Releases containing new features are likely to increase package price.
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