Horror Development Kit v1.5

Horror Development Kit v1.5

• HORROR DEVELOPMENT KIT is an all-in-one solution to create a perfect and realistic FPS horror game with Unity 5.

• It's a realistic game template that includes all the features needed to build up an horror game.

• Contains a big quantity of ready prefabs, high quality sounds, scripts, models and much more.

• Recommended and compatible assets:
Complete Horror Menù
Digital Input Keypad System
Lever Puzzle System
Achievement Creator
Padlock Puzzle System - PBR
Offroad Pickup + Animated Hands

• Includes a nice made and easy to understand PDF documentation that covers all you need to start and build you game.


An advanced and custom AAA player system with awesome features:
• Walking and running
• Ladders climbing
• Hiding from enemy
• Health
• Stamina
• Real time footsteps based on surfaces
• Raycast interaction system
• Dynamic crosshair
• Items inventory
• Peek corners
• Falling effect and damage
• Eye zoom focus
• Object examining
• Paper Reading System
• Pause Menu with advanced options included
• Functional HUD made with uGUI

A massive ready-to-use items and weapons system:
• Functional and animated flashlight
• Flashlight batteries
• Digital camera with zoom
• Night mode for digital camera
• Animated and functional machete melee
• Animated and functional Glock, Magnum and G36K weapons
• Weapons ammos and magazines

Ready to use and easy to customize horror game mechanisms and components:
• Advanced Enemy AI with ragdoll integration
• Functional draggable and normal doors and furniture (cabinets, drawers, doors...)
• Key system
• Healing / Damage Foods and items (First AID Kit and more)
• Switchable Lamps and Lights including flickering system
• Playable Audios (Radios, TVs etc.)
• Functional Security Cameras System (CCTV)
• Jumpscare Triggers (mode: Sound – 2D Sprite – 3D Animated or not models)
• Healing / Damage Triggers (mode: Constant Damage – Damage On Enter – Instant Kill)
• Camera Broke Trigger (broke the camera when you enter)

And much more:
• Main Menu
• Loading Screen between scenes
• Full C# Source Code
• PDF Documentation
• Integrations with other assets
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    1. В этом проекте возможно стрелять и брать молот и ударить, также убывать с оружием? Или оружие не возможно использовать?
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      1. What exactly is the problem?
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