Easy Build System v3.3

Easy Build System v3.3

This system is still in development,
Which means that other features..
coming/changes in the next releases.
Some components are experimental state.

Update :

The system has been fully reworked,
Which means it is not compatible
With the elements of the ulterior version.
Release Notes : Here.

Description :

Easy to use, Works Out Of Box.
Easy Build System is a system of placement
It allow also the destruction and edition.
Create your own parts to place in runtime.
Or use the prefabs ready to use included in demos.

Feature(s) :

- Easy to use, clean, fast is performant.
- Works Out Of Box.
- Clean Editors & Inspectors.
- Quick Start with only one click.
- Third & First Person managed.
- 3 complete demos scenes.
- 46 parts ready to use.
- UI Circular Menu included.
- Appearances system on parts.
- Physics with conditions.
- Terrain adaptation placement.
- Save & Load building placements.
- Placement, Destruction, Edition mode.
- Placement improved on terrain or voxeland.
- Two snap points type.
- Aoe (Area of Effect).
- Add-ons system.
- Only documentation.
- Inputs Manager.
- Blueprint Data.
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