RTS Engine v1.3.4.1

RTS Engine v1.3.4.1

The Unity RTS Engine provides all the features required to create your own RTS game and customize it. It handles map creation, faction management, AI, buildings, units, resources, UI and a much more. It also supports both single player and multiplayer.

- Create and customize maps making playing in each one a unique experience.
- Create Factions and customize each one by having its unique buildings and units to use.
- Customize the NPC factions' behavior from the inspector to set up multiple difficulty levels and get a different experience each time while playing against NPC factions.
- Different NPC components that separate and organize tasks for NPC factions and make it easier to customize them.
- Create and customize different types of resources for the factions to collect and use them to place buildings or produce units.
- Make resource collectors gather resources automatically or have them drop them off at a building when reaching a certain amount.
- Add "Treasure" objects in the map and reward the faction that claim them with resources.
- Create buildings and make each one deliver different tasks for the faction: Producing units, increasing the faction's population slots, acting as defense towers, upgrading unit abilities (speed, damage points), generate resources, act as a hideout for units etc.. - Customize buildings even more by adding health states and construction states.
- Upgrade tasks delivered by buildings.
- Upgrade buildings directly.
- Advance in ages: Launch a building upgrade that triggers all other building upgrades and advance to the next age.
- Each faction have borders in the map which allows the faction to exploit resources and place buildings inside this territory which can be expanded by constructing buildings that deliver this task.
- Create different types of Units that deliver tasks such as constructing buildings, gathering resources, attacking other factions, healing other units, converting enemy units, transporting other units (APC), going invisible for enemy units, etc..
- Automatic behavior for units: Healers and converters and attack units can search for units in a specific range and respectively heal, convert and attack them.
- Create both walking and flying units (including vehicles).
- Units can attack other units or buildings directly or by using an attack object (bullet, arrow, rocket, etc..). Damage can be applied to a single target or to all targets inside a defined range.
-Each unit can have one or multiple functions.
- Place units that don't belong to any faction in the map and use them as protectors for treasures and rewards in the map.
- RTS Camera providing the features that a -RTS game requires (movement, zooming, unit follow, etc...).
- RTS Minimap allowing for faster and more efficient navigation.
- Select single or multiple units, buildings or resources to display information about them and give them tasks.
- Group Selection: Assign a selected group of units to a number key and select the same group each time by using the number key.
- Full UI for the game that includes a Task Panel, Selection Panel, Resources Panel and more.
- Single player menu that allows the player to select a map and see its features, pick the amount of factions to play with and set the difficulty level of each faction (comes with fully functional UI menu).
- Smooth multiplayer using UNET.
- Multiplayer menu that allows the player to host/join local or internet rooms (comes with fully functional UI menu).
- Nearly everything can customized from the inspector. In any case you want to dig in the code, the comments will guide you in every line).
- Custom Events: Delegate events called whenever something important happens (example: OnUnitCreated, OnBuildingDestroyed, OnTaskLaunched, etc..) and allow for even more code customization.
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