Strata Easy 2D Level Generator v1.3

Strata Easy 2D Level Generator

Strata is an easy to use procedural toolkit for generating 2D levels using a combination of hand-authored and randomly generated content. It works in the Unity editor, or at runtime without additional programming. Strata works with Unity’s native 2D Tilemap tools allowing you to hand-author pieces of levels and arrange and combine those pieces in interesting ways.


- Generate complex, varied procedural levels without writing any code
- Hand author content to integrate into your procedural levels using Unity's Tilemap tools
- Multiple levels of random chance in generation: hand place items with a chance to spawn between multiple choices in authored rooms
- Generate levels at runtime for new levels on each play through, or generate at edit time in the editor, polish the output by hand and save.
- Supports deterministic seeded randomness and daily challenge style play

Generators Included:

- Linked top to bottom room series for platformers
- Room Sequence with custom start and end rooms for top down games.
- Middle out, spreading connected room series for top-down dungeon crawlers
- Cellular automata for organic cave shapes - Randomly placed rooms connected by tunnels (traditional ASCII roguelike style)
- Random scatter X objects
- Tunneler to connect multiple previous Generators
- Tunneler with branching tunnels
- Save full tilemaps and feed them back into the Generation process (randomize existing levels)
- Place objects within connected space (place player start and level exit)
- Random scatter hand authored chunks
- Mirror / Symmetry generators for making ‘man made’ feeling spaces.
- Flood fill
- Binary Space Partitioning for building-like subdivided series of connected rooms.
- And more coming soon!

Documentation / Supporting Materials:

- Professional video tutorials, text documentation and well commented C# source code.
- Easy to extend for programmers with modular framework based on Delegation pattern and ScriptableObjects
- Rogue-lite platformer example scene
- Top down dungeon example scene
- 2D to 3D Cubeworld example scene.

The design philosophy of Strata is strongly inspired by both classic roguelike dungeon crawler design approaches along with the newer school of action roguelike games. To this end the project contains demos both for a classic top down roguelike dungeon generator, and a 2D platformer built from a connected chain of rooms. Both serve as good starting points for your own creations.

Programming procedural level generation tools can be complex and difficult, and with Strata we hope to open the creation of procedural content to artists, level/game designers and other non-programmer creators.

Asset version: 1.3
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