Pixel TopDown Shooter Engine v1.0

Pixel TopDown Shooter Engine

The Pixel Top-Down Shooter Engine is the most complete top down solution Pixel art focused games for Unity.

Packed with features, built with player feedback and great game feel in mind, our main focus while creating the engine was trying to mimic the game feel of the best games in the genre Such as: Nuclear Throne, Enter The Gungeon, Hotline Miami, Soul Knight(android) and many others, being constantly updated to add all of the features you actually need and offering 1 on 1 support, beta access to new updates through our discord server. This is the best solution to create 2d Top Down Shooter games.

V1.0 Full Features List:
-Pixel perfect collisions support & movement
-Pixel Perfect Rendering
-Full player movement (Idle, Run, DodgeRoll)
-Responsive Controls
-Weapons (Automatic, SemiAutomatic & Burst)
-Mouse Aiming/Shooting
-Health System
-Currency/Score System
-Doors/Gates (Exit)
-Destructibles (Crates)
-Hazards (Pits and Spikes)
-Pickups (Weapons, Coins and Chests)
-Simple Enemy AIs (line of sight, shooting, chasing)
-Damage On Touch
-Customizable Screenshake + Pixel Perfect Smooth Camera Follow
-Sprite Flashing with shader
-Sprite Outline Shader
-Player death with room fade-in/out
-Fully working beautiful and professional pixel art tilesets, characters, weapons and all kinds of assets with animations.
-Example Scenes created with Unitys built in TileMap & 2D Extras.
-Full Documentation in PDF explaining how everything works from the player controller to full level creation and layout guide
-Thousands of lines of very clean, well commented, easy to understand code and easily editable code for quick changes in "game feel"/pacing.

Asset version: 1.0
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