City Builder Starter Kit v2.0.0

City Builder Starter Kit

Use the City Builder Starter Kit to create City Building games for mobile and desktop.

Included is a complete sample game with all, UI, graphics, various buildings, etc. The game is data driven with easily extensible data classes for adding your own unique behaviour.

- Define building shape, name, sprite, description, cost.
- Define building occupants (like dragons in dragonvale, or even furniture if you prefer).
- Define custom building actions.
- Move and Sell Buildings.
- Stop the game and come back and progress has continued.
- Use speed-ups to build faster.
- Includes a number of fantasy styled icons, frames, and buttons, plus a sample of the assets from JNA Mobiles - Beautiful Fantasy Building asset.
- Extensible data and manager classes, add your own behaviour with only a small amount of code.
- Works on Mobile (tested on Android and iOS). Email support for an APK or TestFlight invite.
- Now includes an alternative 3D view.
- Build interconnected paths

Asset version: 2.0.0
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