Game Kit Controller v2.4c

Game Kit Controller

GKC is the most complete 1st/3rd Person Controller solution with unique Gravity and Sci-Fi features!

Biggest update ever: 2.4d brings weapon attachments, zero gravity astronaut and free floating mode, weapons managed by inventory, possession system, map with building management, 2.5d, top down, point & click and more.

GKC is a powerful engine which allows you to create most type of games very easily. Including a third/first person controller with seamlessly camera view, to cover almost any genre: shooter, adventure, action, puzzles, fixed camera horror/thriller, story telling, fast or slow paced type, 2.5d, top down, point & click, isometric, ...

Save thousand of hours in development and focus on making your game. Designed with mechanics in mind and to be highly customizable or/and extended with your own code.

It is the perfect foundation for your game and a great learning tool. Filled with ready to use mechanics. GKC contains amazing features not found on other packages. There are tons of possibilities. Enable/disable anything you need.

Set up a character controller or IA in a couple of seconds.

Very customizable effects and options: camera states, configuration and transitions, power system, weapons, touch controls, headbob, custom input keys, footsteps, vehicles and much more.


-Physics-based & root motion controller
-Any number of extra jumps
-Ragdoll when character dies or receive damage higher than a given value
-IK for powers, weapons, vehicles, …
-Procedural Ragdoll system
-Ragdoll to Mecanim & vice versa
-Uses ragdoll or mecanim when player dies
-Footstep audio system on mesh & terrain
-Footprints & dust particles in every step
-Fall damage
-Walk on actual stairs & slopes
-Dynamic head track system to look at objects
-Dash and teleport

-Camera collision detection & states system
-Change between 1st & 3rd person view smoothly
-Shake on damage or external shakes with states & triggers
-Headbob with states & external shakes
-Static & dynamic headbob
-Zoom mode & move away the camera
-Start game in 3rd, 1st person or any view
-Lock-on targeting
-Aim assist for 1st/3d person

-Advanced fixed camera system
-includes 2.5d, top down, isometric, point & click
-Option to follow player's position
-Option to look at player
-Player can aim & shoot on this mode
-Start game with fixed camera
-Get a thriller/horror feeling
-Option for smooth transitions between views
-Tank-control mode option

-Circumnavigate spheres & regular surfaces
-Run while you adhere to any surface
-Advanced power manager, add new behaviors
-Close combat system with combos
-Displace objects on rails
-Deflect & project lasers
-Editable key numbers for powers, drag & drop
-Tons of options to customize every power
-Power projectiles with advanced physics management
-Free floating mode, to fly freely
-Scanner system to show info from anything

-Walk & run in any surface
-Player and objects can circumnavigate any surface
-Create any number of gravity zones in the same level
-Dynamic gravity changes ingame
-Change gravity for any object
-Gravity zero like astronaut mode
-Gravity control system for vehicles

-Grab & carry objects with physics
-Carry objects physically in the player's hands with IK
-Allows to rotate, zoom, drop & throw objects
-Use tags for objects that can be grabbed
-Grab crates, boxes, friends, vehicles, ...anything
-Option to rotate toward camera & fixed position

-Damage screen with fade color & damage position/direction icons
-Damage & heal numbers in screen
-Advanced damage detection for characters, vehicles, anything
-Configure weak spots, damage multipliers & one shoot killed zones
-Complete editor to configure easily damage receivers
-Trigger functions for damage & death
-Regeneration options

-Advanced character creator wizard
-Crate your character in a couple of clicks
-Create NPCs (friends/enemies)
-New characters can keep settings

-Unified keyboard, touch & gamepad input
-Configure different group of actions using events
-Works in any mobile device
-Enable or disable every action
-Gamepad support with movable mouse cursor
-Fully customizable touch controls
-UI Touch buttons & joysticks ready to use
-Change between joysticks & touchpad
-Save/load & edit touch buttons positions
-Swipe in touch devices
-Rebindable input system able to save/load

-3rd person shooter aim mode
-Extensible & customizable weapon system
-Shoot in First & third person
-Weapons attachments: silencer, fire type, laser, sights, ...
-Advanced IK
-Full weapon HUD
-Change between weapons in any view
-Insane amount of configurations
-Procedural weapon sway & motion
-Realistic physics projectile
-Insane amount of options to shoot: spread, projectiles per shoot, clip size, bullet speed, bullet force amount, explosion radius, ...
-Camera shake for every fired projectile
-Smooth transition in weapon change, camera fov aiming, …
-Procedural weapon recoil
-13+ different weapons: revolver, assault rifle, double shotgun, laser miner, flashlight,..
-Pick & drop weapons ingame
-Weapon & ammo pickups
-Auto shoot by tags & layers
-Pocket system to carry mutiple weapons

-Advanced decals for projectiles
-Work on primitives, meshes & terrains
-Configure sound, scorch, particles & fade

-Powerful inventory system
-Pick, drop, use, look, equip or read info for every inventory object
-Manage weapons through inventory
-Use objects by menu, interaction button or trigger
-Option to use animation on used objects
-Complete custom editor system to configure every object added
-Any number of slots & amount of objects per slot
-Smart inventory management
-Look, rotate & zoom in every 3d model object in game
-Easy capture manager: Use actual 3d model images
-Increase inventory size in game with bags
-Limited or infinite slots & amount per slot
-Inventory banks and enemy loot

-Car, Motorbike, Hovercraft, aircraft, hoverboard, ...
-Camera states, set any number of camera positions: third, first, fixed view, ....
-Skids manager for vehicle wheels
-Advanced input setting for vehicles
-Shake states on damage, accelerating, shooting, …
-Advanced IK for body, limbs & head player
-Weapons for vehicles
-Option to throw driver on high collisions
-Fuel management & gas tank with pickups
-Damage vehicles on collisions
-Start game on vehicle
-Configure as number of passengers and seats

-2d and 3d map view
-Procedural map builder, any shape is possible
-Configure different buildings with any number of floors
-Create interior and exterior zones, like cities
-Mini-map and menu window
-Place/remove map marks ingame
-Configure easily any type of map icon: enemies, doors, elevators, vehicles,…
-Map beacons & quick travel stations
-Set map zones as hidden to be revealed when player reaches them
-Unlock map parts with map pickups
-Compass with 360 degrees
-Signaling targets with in screen icons
-Change between floors with triggers or vertical distance with closest floor
-Very intuitive map creator, full map levels in no time

-Full pickup system for health, energy, fuel, ammo, inventory, weapons, …
-Powerful pickup manager: configure once, use anywhere
-Breakable crates
-Pickup drop system for crates, dead enemies, explosive barrels, …
-Pickup chests with configurable object spawn position
-Random amount of pickups in drop system & chests
-Pickups usable by AI and vehicles

-Procedural doors
-Procedural elevators
-Hackable password panels
-Procedural Ziplines
-Jump platforms on trigger & on button pressed
-Pressure plates using actual weight
-Wayoint moving platforms
-Heal/damage triggers
-Refill energy & fuel triggers
-Falling platforms
-Teleportation platforms
-Player waypoint system, reach every point in the path!
-Explosive barrels
-Recharger stations for health & energy
-Vending machines
-All systems interact with grabbed objects
-Puzzle system
-One way platforms

-Objects are placed in front of camera and viceversa
-Rotate, zoom & press buttons on any object
-Examine inventory objects before pick them
-Outline shader system

-Health bars above enemies & allies
-AI Enemy turrets with differents weapons
-Nav mesh AI system
-AI can use combat and weapons
-Advanced waypoint patrols
-Find friendly AI to give orders: wait, follow, attack & hide
-Ragdoll when dead or damage received higher than x
-Footstep system with particles & footprints
-NPC have all player abilities & systems
-AI detects vehicles as targets according to driver
-AI able to get off/on from vehicles
-Faction system for relations between NPCs & player
-Hide from AI

-Any device & enemy robot can be hacked
-Text devices
-Numeric code & computer terminals
-Security cameras with controls & zoom
-Use keyboard to type text into them
-Padlocks with rotating wheels
-Interaction messages for any element

-Configure any number of slots
-Save with time played, camera capture, date, scene, place to instantiate player & other game info

-Most systems have an advanced editor allowing a very intuitive workflow
-Editable list: change order, remove, add, clear,…
-Free handles for an easier use
-Tag/layer manager: add & remove as you need, import project is not a problem anymore
-Fully commented C# code

And a lot more...

-New enemy types, weapons & powers
-New vehicles, like regular, industrial, construction, planes, spatial ships, etc...
-Quest/missions system with info
-Experience level system with upgrades & skills
-Local multiplayer with split screen
-AI able to drive & walk in any surface
-Dialog system
-Race system

-Emerald AI
-More coming

Asset version: 2.4c
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