Space Combat Kit v1.21c

Space Combat Kit

The Space Combat Kit for Unity is designed to make it easy for you to create anything from a simple arcade space shooter to a sophisticated space sim.

With the flexible Vehicles/Subsystems/Modules framework, it's easy to create all kinds of ships, weapons, and ship modules, and give your players options for selecting their ship and weapons loadout in the loadout menu before fighting it out with exciting AI opponents.

Only use what you need - with this kit's modular framework, all the stuff you don't need won't get in the way. And adding the things that make your game stand out is as simple as creating new modules.


- Variety of flight controls options.
- Customize and tune controls in the inspector.
- 6 degrees of freedom spaceflight.
- Boost mode.
- Flexible framework for creating control scripts for different ships.
- Rewired integration provided.


- Projectile weapons.
- Beam weapons (pulsed and steady).
- Homing missiles.
- Bind weapons to triggers and create weapon groups during play.
- Lead target visualization on HUD for multiple weapons.
- Multiple missile locking capability.
- Aim assist/snap.


- Target selection (Next, Previous, Nearest, Front).
- VR-ready HUD.
- HUD target tracking boxes.
- Off screen target tracking arrows.
- Lead target reticle.
- 3D holographic radar.
- Dashboard target hologram.
- Customize graphics and colors for different Teams/Types.
- Efficient with many targets on screen.


- Variety of health types (shields, armor etc).
- Layer colliders (e.g. shields over armor).
- Multiple damageable parts on a single ship.
- Assign health generators in loadout menu.
- Health regeneration through collider (e.g. medic ships).


- Shared or independent power for each subsystem.
- Route power to different subsystems during play.
- Optional power draw for modules (e.g. weapons).
- Load powerplants in the loadout menu.


- Highly flexible Module/Module Mount system.
- Easily create new modules (e.g. weapons) for players to select.
- Specify module types for mounts.
- Loadout menu (ship and module selection).


- Fully physics-driven AI.
- Flexible for fighters to capital ships.
- Group manager for teamwork and strategy.
- Obstacle avoidance.
- Patrolling.
- Formation flying.
- Combat.


- Smooth, adjustable camera follow.
- Easily create new camera views.
- Trigger camera shake effects.
- FOV effect during boost.


- Floating origin for large game environments.
- Player enter/exit ships.
- Flexible scene-level event manager.
- Easy-to-use object pooling.

Asset version: 1.21c
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