ISG : Flight Shooter Toolkit

ISG : Flight Shooter Toolkit

If you are looking for a tool to achieve your flight shooter game,ISGravity is all you need and here for you !

ISGravity let you to create numerous kind of amazing flight shooter game without any programming skills.

ISGravity did everythings you need to do, all you need to do to create an amazing game with ISGravity is that just make you art assets and your nice ideas ready,then construct your game with ONLY few drag and drop steps.

Notable features :
1 : Coding clearly use C#,flexible and modularity.
2 : Supports 2D games.
3 : Picker system.
4 : Very easy to use editor.
5 : Full script interfaces,easy to add/remove/change functions.
6 : Easy to add custom model, effect or sound by drag and drop action.
7 : Very powerful tool to configure enemy troops, just drag and drop.
8 : Supports custom UI.
9 : Fully optimized for mobile devices.
10 : Supports all popular platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and WebPlayer.
11 : Full support document included.
12 : Full email real-time technical support (English only).

This version of ISGravity also includes an amazing example,and interface is using NGUI, free version of NGUI included here.
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