Game Creator v0.9.9

Game Creator

Game Creator is a collection of tools that will help you kickstart your game in a matter of minutes. It comes packed with ready-to-use fully animated Characters, a flexible high-level scripting language called Actions, a complete Save & Load system with Local and Global Variables, and much more! And without writing a single line of code!

???? WHO IS THIS FOR? ????

Everyone with a game idea. Game Creator is extremely easy to learn (see our 15 minute Quickstart playlist).

Game Designers will find a tool that's both easy to learn and use. Artists will be able to drag and drop their creations and bring them to life in minutes. Advanced Developers will have access to a fully documented Open API to create custom Actions, Conditions or entire Modules.

???? HOW DOES IT WORK? ????

Game Creator provides flexible components that allow to make games without writing a line of code.

• Actions: instructions that do things
• Conditions: call Actions under conditions
• Triggers: react to scene inputs
• Hotspots: hint interactive objects
• Characters: the living part of the games
• Cameras: follow the action in a fancy way

Game Creator comes with a bunch of example scenes where you can learn how to solve common situations, such as character interactions, messages, the use of hotspots, create a point & click adventure conversation, etc...


With Game Creator you'll have access to an ever growing number of modules.

• Inventory
• Dialogue
• Quests
• Stats

These modules have been carefully crafted so they seamlessly integrate with your game using our Module Manager.

???? Have an idea for a module? Let us know sending us an email or drop a line in the forums. We're always looking for new ideas!

???? KEY FEATURES ????

• Easily create Actions, Conditions and Triggers
• Ready to use animated Characters
• AAA cinematic Camera system
• Global and Local Variables
• Save/Load system
• Detailed Documentation & Video Tutorials
• Extendable with Built-in Tools

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      It would be cool to have the Inventory module, Stats and Dialogue also uploaded. Thank you.