Revolver Kit VR - No code needed! v1.0

Revolver Kit VR - No code needed!

A fantastically simple VR weapon that is ready to be picked up and fired the second you drop it into your scene. No code needed!

Compatible with :
✔ Vive
✔ Rift
✔ Steam VR
✔ Oculus SDK

A ready-to-go revolver solution with configurable input, physics-based reloading, a customizable pickup radius, and full firing and kickback mechanics. Drag and drop setup. Just place the revolver prefab in your scene and you are ready to go!

All-in-one gun interaction package designed for quick setup and maximum configurability. Drop the Revolver in your scene and you get everything including models, fx, sounds, VR interaction scripts, and firing / bullet mechanics.

✔ Easy Setup - Just drop the prefab in your scene
✔ PBR Materials
✔ Includes blender file if you want to edit the model (See after you download)
✔ Full interactions for Rift and Vive all ready-to-go and configurable
✔ Layer based raycasting for your bullets
✔ Physics-based flick reloading like VR game Dead & Buried
✔ Realistic and configurable gun kickback
✔ Works in Unity Personal Edition
✔ Easy to configure, includes everything you need to quickly change settings
✔ Comes with example scripts that can play sounds or trigger actions such as reduce enemy health when hit with a bullet
✔ 426 tris

Asset version: 1.0
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