Endless Car Chase Game Template v1.15

Endless Car Chase Game Template

Endless Car Chase is a fast paced game in which you must collect cash and avoid the police! The game is ready to release straight out of the box, and it can also be easily customized to make it even more engaging to your players. The game supports PC/Mac, iOS, Android, etc. It can be played with the keyboard, gamepad, or touch controls!

Coded in C#

- Game ready for release straight out of the box, just build and play!
- Works on all platforms, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, etc
- Supports multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, automatically.
- Supports Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad, and Touch controls.
- Easily customizable with lots of options to control game difficulty.

Asset version: 1.15
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      can you update it please.

      Thank you.
    1. pls update to 1.2
      • user
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      pls update to 1.2