Street Racing Engine v4.0

Street Racing Engine

Street Racing Engine is powerful Unity tool created special for developers. With this asset You can create massive cities within a couple hours. Real traffic system responds to traffic lights, player, other cars and drives randomly through the city. 10 different racing cars with more than 100 different body parts and colors! Create new racing tracks and conquer with your friend in two player mode! With this asset you will get fully setup documentation!

Update 4.0
+ Improved mobile version!
+ 3 new camera positions!
+ Massive car traffic optimization!
+ Bigger traffic takes less CPU usage!

Mobile Version:
Fully optimized version for mobile devices. Asset contains 3 different controllers (arrow, stick and tilt controls). It’s possible to adjust each part of the asset which can be optimized to get the best quality and performance. Including documentations how to setup mobile version.

Vehicle Driving System:
Racing vehicle interacts with traffic cars, sidewalks, and other objects. Interactive garage and home system. Dynamic camera provides better look when driving a vehicle. Integrated nitro system. Different body parts provides different car stats - higher speed, better steering, bigger nitro capacity. Many interactive roads. Minimap that shows position of the player. Realistic traffic system interact with player and stops if somebody crashes or there is an obstacle in front of the car.

Realistic Traffic:
Vehicle traffic system. Traffic responds to other cars and stops if there is an obstacle in front of the car. Each vehicle reached intersection will choose different path randomly. Cars reacts to traffic lights at crossroads and follows right hand rule. Stops at train barrier when train is crossing the site. All traffic cars has integrated different particle systems, fume emission and lights. Engine sounds depends on whether the car is moving or is stationary.

Tons of different models:
Different buildings will help you to create beautiful cities with various models. Each road has integrated traffic system. Each car responds to road path. Different usage of roads which can be easily imported to the scene. A lot of different nature models which can be connected to each other.

Fully modeled and scripted garage. Players can buy new cars, body parts or change colors. Each body part is different and has various stats. Over 100 different body part variations. Smooth camera movement. All changes are saved into prefabs and works with all project scenes.

Racing System:
Different racetracks with various time statistics. Sides will help player to navigate where to go. Racetracks take place over the city. Lots of different hidden roads to cut the distance and help player to reach finish faster. Different time and traffic conditions. Starting countdown will help player to prepare for the race. When player reach finish the statistics will be shown to see what place he took.

Fully integrated multiplayer system and optimized to get the best experience. Two players can compete against each other on one screen. Works perfectly with racing maps. Both players can choose different cars with various statistic. Cars collides and reacts to traffic. Easy controllers which will work on one keyboard.

Train System:
Randomly spawning trains with different carriages and random length. Train responds to traffic and lower gates couple seconds before crossing road. Train is crossing road all traffic at that place is stopped and player has to wait when train will drive off the road. Train and carriages has 3D sounds, that can be heard only when train approached to the player. Different bridges and train roads perfectly blends with environment.

Asset version: 4.0
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