Horror FPS KIT v1.5

Horror FPS KIT

HFPS KIT is an advanced and easy-to-use horror game template with many features essential to creating your own horror game, including gameplay features seen in AAA horror games of the last decade. It contains a lot of ready-to-use assets, just drag and drop them into a scene.


• Player Controller (Walk, Run, Jump, Crouch, Crawl, Ladder, Die)
• Player Head Bobbing
• Footsteps System With Sounds
• Drag Rigidbody System (Rotate, Zoom, Throw)
• Examine System (Paper Read, Rotate, Examine)
• Inventory System (Add, Remove, Move, Use, Combine, Drop)
• Wall Detect System (Hide Weapon)
• Weapons (Glock18)
• Fall Damage
• Player Lean (Wall Detection)
• Zoom Effect
• Interact System

• Custom Object Pickup Script
• Flashlight Pickup (Batteries)
• Candle Pickup
• Oil Lamp Pickup
• Locked Dynamic Object Key Pickup
• Inventory Item Pickup
• Backpack Pickup (Expand Inventory)

• Dynamic Functions (Door, Lever, Drawer, Valve, Movable Interact)
• Dynamic Object Types (Mouse, Animation)
• Draggable Objects (Door. Drawer, Lever)
• Keypad

• Save/load System (Json, Save/Load Scene Data, Encrypt Save)
• Saving Player Data Between Scenes
• Config Manager (Save and Read You Own .cfg Files)
• Helpers (Input Helper, Type Parser, Random Generator)
• Loading Screen (Background, Tips, Scene Name)
• Rebindable Input Manager
• AI Zombie System (Walk, Run, Attack, Patrol, Attract)
• Water Buoyancy
• UI Menus (Main Menu, Load Game Menu, Pause Menu, Dead Menu)
• Game Options (General, Graphic, Controls)
• Jumpscare Animation (Scared Breathing, Scared Effect)
• Lamps (Normal, Flickering)
• Floating Icon (Icon Floating on Object)
• Snapable, Seamless Walls
• Props, Collectable Objects, And Much More..
• Ambience Sound Change
• Hint Manager
• Pickup Notifications (Item Name, Message, Hint)
• Fully Functional UI

Asset version: 1.5
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    1. You are doing an amazing job, we are like your fans, all we ask is that you put all these resources on your website :)

      Hello the best work, please give
      You are doing an amazing job, we are like your fans, all we ask is that you put all these resources on your website :)
      1. Hello!
        Maybe later, keep for updates.
        And pls, stop spam
        1. I will stop spamming, thank you for your work.
          Hopefully we will see these files on your site soon :)
    2. Please, update to 1.5
        • Mke
        • : 07:48
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        I second this I would really like to have 1.5 because this version doesn't work on the latest unity versions
    3. Updated to 1.5
    4. Thank you!!!
      • z.k
      • : 22:47
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      could you upload this to a faster download site? It takes 13 hours to download this 1.7gig file..
      1. Any other file hosting will ban my account by owners abuse. Use hitfile premium for fast download.
        • Developer
        • : 18:55
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        Buy a full version instead of pirate version and you will download it much faster...
        1. I completely agree