Easy Build System - Modular Building System v4.1.6

Easy Build System - Modular Building System

Advanced modular building system in realtime.
Allows the placement, destruction, editing of your own prefabs in real-time.
Supports three types of behaviours (First, Third Person also that Top Down View).
Easy to use is working out of the box with the Quick Start function.
Compatible on Desktop, Mobile also that WebGL.

Feature(s) :
Easy to use, fast, responsive.
User friendly editors.
Work out of the box.
Quick Start with few clicks.
First, Third and Top Down behaviour.
Desktop & Mobile builder behaviour.
Advanced part(s) editings.
Advanced socket(s) editings.
Restricted actions area(s).
Modular appearances component.
Conditional physics component.
Unity & Voxeland terrain.
Save & Load building in runtime.
Three behaviours mode (placement, destruction, edition).
3 parts collection of 27 parts ready to use.
Included add-ons system for developer.
Blueprint system data & loader.
Dynamic NavMesh add-on.
The Forest Like add-on.
10 sample scenes.

Integration(s) :
Photon Network.
Inventory Pro.
Opsive -Third Person Controller.
Invector - Third Person Controller.

Important :
The system work on the version 2017f.
Samples & Integrations contents require the version 2018.2f or highter.
Please make a backup before to import the update !
The sample scenes are not compatible with the ulterior versions.

Asset version: 4.1.6
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