FPSME v1.05

FPSME v1.05

First Person Shooter Multiplayer Example.

FPSME is fairly simple but fully functional example of a first person multiplayer shooter in Unity using Photon Unity Networking!

Features of this package:
-Fully networked players.
-Ability to create servers in which some
parameters can be altered like: server name, set the max players, the time limit, the game type and the map to be played.
-Ability to make your own maps with ease,
using the Map Essentials prefabs.
-Scoreboard depending on what game type the server is currently playing
-Player Crouching
-Destroyable Objects
-Player First Person Legs
-Networked vehicles which for now support just 1 player per vehicle. This will be expanded upon as development goes!

Upcoming Features
-Further improvements regarding vehicles(better stability, allow more players per vehicle, more vehicle types)
-More Weapons
-More GameTypes
-More maps
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