PRO Military: Customizable FPS Character

PRO Military: Customizable FPS Character

Fully animated FPS Character with customizable hands, weapons and textures.

Main features:
- Game-ready
- Fully customizable
- Over 200 animations
- SFX and VFX
- Simple Destructable System
- FPS controller
- Demo Scene (fire range)
- 4K textures

PRO Military includes:
- Custom FPS Controller (camera animations, idle noises, headbob, crouch, jumps)
- 3 Different Hands Skinned Meshes (without gloves/fingerless gloved/full gloves) + 4 skins(sand/moss/night/snow)
- Weapon Set (assault rifle, shotgun, pistol) + attachments + 4 skins(sand/moss/night/snow) + animations
- Folding Knife + animations
- Grenade + animations
- Med kit + animations
- VFX for all guns (smoke, muzzle flash, shells etc.)
- Simple Destructable System
- Demo Scene (fire range)
- Sources Files (3DS Max/CAT Rig)

* All video materials was recorded with HD Render Pipeline.

Test with 2018.2.1f1 and 2018.3.0b4 (but you should use Continuous Speculative instead of other RigidBody collision detection types in that Unity Version)
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    1. thank you so much i was waittng for it
    2. "Limit reached for free download of this file. You can download this file using the premium access"
      link dont work :( can you make another one please ?