City Building Kit - Complete Version v7.5

City Building Kit - Complete Version v7.5

Complete Kit Version. Requires NGUI + 2DToolkit

Develop mobile city-building strategy games with PvP battles. Add your own game features, menus, art. 100% source code included. No Unity Pro license needed. Works with Unity 2018.1.0

Build a prototype within hours, not weeks
Fully customizable game kit designed to run out-of-the-box. Import assets, swap graphics, and deploy on any platform immediately.

Question: Is 2053 hours of your time worth $390?
Building a city builder strategy game from scratch is no easy task. Here's a side-by-side comparison of each time-consuming feature we did over the years.

Included with this version

-Building Items Art
-Character Art
-Animated Characters
-Terrain Art
-2D Integration
-Item Data (XML)
-12 Creators C# Scripts
-Construction / Timer Scripts
-2D Gameboard Setup + Scripting
-Player XP Allocation
-Gestures (e.g.Drag-and-Drop)
-Kinetic Mobile Scrolling
-Desktop Mouse Scrolling
-HUD Art and Scripting
-Game Store Menu
-In-App Purchase Menu
-Weather Controls
-Nighttime Gameplay Support
-Defensive Structures
-Defensive Walls
-Terrain Removables
-Selector Scripts
-Camera Controller
-Destruction Effects
-Dissolve Effects
-Projectile Effects
-3D Effects
-Terrain Collider
-Terrain Selector
-Sound FX Scripting
-Projectile Scripting
-Weapon Controls
-Defense Controls
-Unit Graves
-Unit Pathfinding
-PvP Battle Processor (Helios AI)
-PvP Battle Guide
-PvP Internal Operations Console
-PvP Groups Control
-PvP Cheats (for development)
-Combat Unit AI
-Combat Defense AI
-Resource Generation + Storage
-NPC Demo (Builder Animation)
-Client/Server State Sync
-Server Software + Testing
-Beginner Tutorial
-Sound Effects
-Multi-platform Bug Fixes
-And Unity 2017 Compatibility
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