Urban Traffic System v2018.2

Urban Traffic System

Friends! I'm glad to present you a new improved version of the Asset! In version 2018.2 we completely rewrote the physics of transport. Now cars are going more naturally, and we also created a traffic light system for intersections.
And now about the project:
If you create a quality realistic city, then this asset for you!
Asset comprises 31 lowpoly models of different transport, everyone has one LOD
and 11 models of people with 4 LODS each, necessary for the creation of urban traffic. Such as:
1. Mountainbike
2. Moped
3. GyroScooters
4. Vans
5. Motorcycle
6. Cars
7. Trucks
8. Semi
9. Buses

Info about polygons of models of characters:
LOD 0 = 4930
LOD 1 = 2466
LOD 2 = 1478
LOD 3 = 984
LOD 4 = 490
This asset supports mobile platforms, but provided that there is a small number of cars and pedestrians in the scene. Otherwise, weak phones simply can not withstand as many polygons.
Since, all the low-poly model, but have a high quality textures. Moreover, all cars have the LOD.
Each model has a standard set of textures:
1. Diffuse
2. Specular
3. Glossiness
4. Normal
5. Mask

Asset version: 2018.2
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