Master Anim System v11.5

Master Anim System v11.5

A GTA V style controller, with various weapons to carry and much more. Smooth movement system with Angle detection to turn. It will come with a car ,bike, helicopter,plane,boat and tank system, the player will be able to get in and out of vehicles performing animations. A basic parkour system to platform detection.A Directional Melee system. A usable phone system with User interface. A taunt system. Opening closing doors.Refined shooting system.An advanced Cover system.AAA sound system for weapons and movements of the player, swimming and more.
Assets are part of game development , Having the right asset is always necessary , but creating some assets take time.Thus people buy assets.If you think this is worth your money, Contact me! We 'll talk.
All the features that will be included:

A smooth Directional movement system
A weapon Inventory System
17 default weapons
Various Vehicles to interact (Cars/Bikes/Helicopter/Boats/Planes)
A In Game Phone System with various apps (Camera,Message,Call,Email,Net,Settings,Media player,Contacts)
A Taunt System
Drive-by System
Selfie feature in Phone Camera
A Swimming System
An Advanced Cover System (with full cover detection from all angles, with blind Fire)
A basic Parkour System ( Climb, Getup , Vault , Step up )
Ladder System
Surface Detectors for bullets to impact different particles
A directional Melee System
Hud UI System
Currency system
Pickup/Drop Weapons feature
Apartment System (sit in sofa / watch TV / Sleep / micturate)
Weapon Store
Tutorials System
Online Integration
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