Custom Slots framework v1.4

Custom Slots framework v1.4

Custom Slots(CS) Framework is a lightweight, flexible modular slots framework that can be integrated to your project as a mini-game or as a standalone full-featured slot machine game.

While offering full customizability, CS tries to maintain its core simple and adaptable to any scene a spinning reel could participate. It is also built purely on UGUI to keep up with Unity updates and to make integration less painful.


* Several new features introduced since the launch. MRS(Multi-Row-Symbol), Reel Manipulation, Animating Symbols and much more.

* Any number of reels, rows, symbols, lines, effects etc supported.

* Automatically adjusts layout according to your setup.

* Procedural symbol loadout generation and simulation.

* Pop multiple instances of CS with smooth transition any moment should your game need.

* Effects can be easily tweaked via inspector, or disabled to use your own.

* Wilds, scatters, free spins, betting and other slots functions supported.

* Change reel behaviours and swap symbols upon entering free spin, bonus etc.

* High Performance, optimized C# codes, minimum Updates, no GC Allocation during updates.

* Bonus pay table generator included.

* Callbacks and runtime capability, extendability.

* A full-featured complete slot game included as Demo.

* Included free-for-commercial-use arts by Nz.

* Detailed documentation.

CS is part of my other game-under-development and you can expect updates coming as the development progresses.

We are also available on the official CS thread on the Unity forum. Please do not hesitate to ask a question or report a bug you found.

( CS uses Demigiant's powerful Tween library DOTween. It is not necessarily to learn DOTween but desirable to fully understand and customize CS. ) Tested Unity version 5.3.5p1 and 2017.1.0f3 Works on mobile/smart phones
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