Advanced First Person Controller - AFPC v1.0

Advanced First Person Controller - AFPC v1.0

AFPC is Advanced First Person Controller which consists of many Advanced Features!

AFPC has Support For MOBILE, WEBGL and STANDALONE Platforms.
Features –
• Player Movement
• Two Types Of Player – Rigidbody Player and Spectator Style Player
• Climbing
• Crouching
• Swimming
• Grabbing and Throwing Objects
• Fully Functional UI with Pause Menu
• Custom Builders to get you quickly building things
• Pickup items
• Realistic Head Bobbing
• Full Mobile & WebGL Support
• Advanced Smooth Camera
• Spawn Manager
• Health Bar
• Stamina Bar
• Oxygen Bar
• Loading Bar
• Beautiful Custom Editor Scripts
• Full Documentation
• Surface Management – Different Footsteps Sounds on Different Surfaces
• Door Manager for Creating Doors & Door keys
• Different Footstep Sounds On Different Terrain Textures!
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