Picture Quiz Plus v1.2

Picture Quiz Plus v1.2

Is Picture Quiz Plus for you?
Do you want to build a trivia popular game for mobiles and tablets with customization, awesome new "guess the picture" mechanics, hint buttons, video advertisements, In-App purchasing support and great UI, animations and sounds all without having to open a single script? Or you like some game mechanics and want them in your project? If yes than Picture Quiz Plus is for you.

PLUS version:
★ 4 NEW Game Types!!! ✔
★ Localization support ✔
ALL versions:
★ Easy to Customize ✔
★ Different Hints ✔
★ UnityAds, AdMob, GDPR consent ✔
★ In-App Purchasing ✔
★ Powerfull Saving and Loading ✔
★ Level locking ✔
★ Ready to publish ✔
★ New Developer Friendly ✔

It is upgrade for Picture Quiz
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    1. malware in the linked package
      1. Are you kidding?
        Just cheked, all ok.
    2. how can i download ??
      it says i should be a premium!

      are kidding me..i always click on ads to support the website!
      if i'm gonna be a premium i rather buy it from the asset store
      1. Just count how many thousands of dollars you can download from here, paying only $ 10. And how much can you buy for $ 10 in assetstore ...