uBuild: In-game modular building system v1.2

uBuild: In-game modular building system v1.2

uBuild is an in-game modular building system. Unlike other modular building solutions, this system allows the player to build using layers which you can turn on/off, place furniture and view your buildings from any angle. Layers and buildings are saved using Unity’s build-in PlayerPrefs and interact-able doors add a nice effect in third-person mode.

v1.1 Includes a simple resources system.

Main Features:

- Build using modules (detects buildable locations, multiple floors):
1. Place
2. Select
3. Rotate
4. Remove
5. Move
6. Duplicate

- Use layers while building to modify the building or to place furniture:
1. Add layers
2. Set default layer
3. Change selected piece layer
4. Turn layers on/off
5. Remove layers

[All pieces will automatically get active when leaving build-mode & layer states are saved as well]

- Place furniture (not snapping)

- Auto saving (buildings, layers, player)

- Custom reorder-able editor

- Doors (interact-able) & windows

- 19 example prefabs (walls, floors, stairs, interact-able door, furniture etc.)

- Switch between third person mode/build-mode

- Zoom, pan, rotate and move camera while building

+ Commented C# scripts & documentation
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