Third Person Controller v1.3.9

Third Person Controller v1.3.9

This is so much more than just a smooth and flexible character controller. The Third Person Controller is your ultimate framework for creating ANY 3rd person game.

Featuring a character and camera controller, combat system, inventory management, and much more! Thousands of hours have gone into developing this framework so you can focus on the unique aspects of your game.

Use the editor scripts to create your character and items in seconds. Easily add new animations with the unique ability system.

Designed to scale, the Third Person Controller comes with mocap animations, mobile and Unity 5 multiplayer support. Any model (humanoid or generic) can be used. It is also integrated with many assets, including Behavior Designer to add life to your AI characters.

- Physics-based character controller
- Smooth camera controller
- Character and item creation in seconds
- Shootable, melee, throwable, magic items
- Over 300 Mecanim animations
- Unity 5 multiplayer support
- Flexible inventory and item pickup system
- Ability system for any set of animations
- Move with or without root motion
- Humanoid and generic model support
- Health and respawner system
- IK to correctly position limbs
- Local coop and split screen support
- Supports keyboard/mouse or controller
- AI integration with Behavior Designer
- Moving platforms

Programming Features:
- Mobile friendly
- Script-based Animator controller
- Event, scheduling, object pooling system
- Zero allocations after initialization
- Coding structure designed to scale
- Heavily commented C# code
- Includes full source code

- Balance
- Climb
- Cover
- Damage Visualization
- Die
- Dive (Underwater Swimming)
- Dodge
- Fall
- Fly
- Generic
- Hang
- Height Change (Crouch, Crawl)
- Interact
- Jump
- Ledge Strafe
- Move Object (Push, Pull)
- Pickup Item
- Quick Movement
- Restrict Rotation
- Roll
- Short Climb
- Speed Change (Run, Sprint)
- Swim
- Vault

- A* Pathfinding Project
- Adventure Creator
- Apex Path
- Behavior Designer
- Cinema Director
- Control Freak
- Dialogue System for Unity
- Easy Touch
- Edy's Vehicle Physics
- Final IK
- Gaia
- Horse Animset Pro
- ICE Creature Control
- InControl
- Inventory Pro
- Morph 3D
- ORK Framework
- Playmaker
- plyGame
- PuppetMaster
- Rewired

Complete Projects:
- Deathmatch AI Kit
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