SkyForge v1.0

SkyForge v1.0

SkyForge is a complete 3D Sky Volume which can function either as an addon to Unity's built-in Skybox system, or as a replacement for it. SkyForge allows you to create a miniature scene which is then projected into your level's skybox. 3D Sky Volumes have been used in many AAA games for over a decade and are very versatile and easy to use. With SkyForge this technology is now available in Unity, no scripting required!

Because a SkyForge Sky Volume is an actual 3D space, you can put any Unity gameobjects inside, and create your own customized skyboxes with animation, moving elements, unique lighting effects, and more!

This project comes with five pre-made sky scenes and assorted pieces to demonstrate what can be done with the system, as well as to provide you with a foundation to build your own Sky Volumes for your projects!
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