WRP Wild West Asset Pack v1.0

WRP Wild West Asset Pack v1.0

WRP Wild West Asset Pack v1.0 – Unity asset

Requires Unity 5.2.2 or higher.

Included with this version:
• There is only ONE Atlas for ALL Building Models (2k).
• There is only ONE Atlas for ALL Props Models (1k).
• New and Improved Textures
• Meshes has been highly optimized for mobile platform
• Separate Prefabs

WRP Wild West asset pack is your definitive way to create the best looking, mobile optimized Wild West game environments.

Be it action, fantasy or adventure, this unique collection of artistically designed low poly assets are ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing game levels, small scale cities and village scenes.

The WRP Wild West extensive package has everything you need to design an attractive and complete western environment. It includes:

16 types of Buildings
1 watermill
4 types of stones with different variations
1 type stone stair
1 water tank
1 windmill
2 types of wooden fences
1 type of pine tree with alpha
1 tree without leaves
2 types of tree trunk
2 types tree stump
1 type of cactus
1 row boat
2 types of grass with alpha
1 wooden dock
2 types of wood stairs
1 type railway track
2 types of wagon cart
2 types of barrels
2 types wooden box
1 type electric post
1 wooden sign
2 types wood table
2 types of wooden chairs
2 types of wooden benches
1 type wood bucket
4 types of sacks
2 types of wood stairs
1 anvil
1 hammer
1 plier

You can create countless asset variations by interchanging the doors, windows and roofs. With a wide variety of assets to choose from and customize, you can setup different types of game environments very easily.

All screenshots have been rendered in 3ds Max, Unity3d Results may vary subject to your own lighting setup.

The assets have been designed to be super simple to use and easy to modify.
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