PBR+ Wasteland Landscape v1.0

PBR+ Wasteland Landscape

PBR+ Wasteland Landscape is a 25km² environment ready to use in your Unity projects.

You can use this Asset for Surival, RPG, FPS or other projects which require huge playable Areas.

PBR+ Landscapes include an improved Terrain-Shader for Next-Gen visuals without losing performance. (Note: The shader is not supported by mobile platforms.)

The basic texture-layering, approximates real world material behavior and is a good foundation to start your own detail work.

The asset is completely set up with Unity's native Terrain-tools and works with real time GI and PBR.

Details :

- 5km x 5km x 1 km
- 3x HD Textures (Diffuse+Normal)
- Heightmap & Splatmap

Note: All screenshots where made by using only PBR+ Wasteland Landscape Package and native Unity assets.

Asset version: 1.0
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