Dog - Tatra Sheepdog v3.1

Dog - Tatra Sheepdog

This is a High Poly 3D Model of a Tatra Sheepdog with meshes optimized to a Low Poly version:
•Tatra Sheepdog - HP 7504 tris;
•Tatra Sheepdog - LP 3112 tris.
Model has 46 Bones.

•Tatra Sheepdog - 2 Color Textures, 1 Normal, 1 Specular, 1 Ambient Oclusion Maps (all 2k).
For more Animations & High Spec see Dog - Tatra Sheepdog (Full) version of this Asset.

Model has 29 UNIQE Animations, which are GREAT ASSET to this Model. ALL repeatable Animations with (L) are looped:

Idle(L), AttackJump(L), Attack PawRigh(L)/TwoPaw(L), Crawling(L), Creeping(L), Death/Death01, Digging(L), Eating(L), Fight Idle(L)/Idle01(L), GoToSleep/Sleeping(L), WakeUp, Howling(L), SeatingHowling(L), IdleSeating, Jumping(L), LieDown, Rest(L), StandUp, Running(L), Strafe Left(L)/Right(L), Trapping(L), Turn Left90/Right90, Hit Left(L)/Right(L)/Front(L)/Back(L), Walk(L), AttackJaw(L) .

Update 1:
•HR/LP Model replaced;
•Upgraded to Two [2] Color Textures (2k);
•Normal Map 2k replaced;
•1 Specular, 1 Ambient Oclusion Maps 2k added; •All New Animations replaced.

Asset version: 3.1
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