Cartoon Town - Low Poly Assets v1.0

Cartoon Town - Low Poly Assets

Cartoon Town is a customizable, mobile-friendly low-poly asset containing many elements that can be used to create a town with a nice cartoon style.

Tileable floor and roads. Demo scenes and animations included.


Prefabs (Total amount includes color or style variations):

Buildings: Fashion store, Beauty salon, Candy shop, Hypermarket, Post bank office, Pawn shop, Coffee shop, Restaurant, Magic shop, Real estate, Gardening store, Kiosk, Hospital, Police station, Town hall, Train station, Windmill x3, Lighthouse, House 1 room x4, House 2 rooms x4, House 3 rooms x4, Misc. shops x4

Plants: Palm tree, Pine tree x2, Pine tree snow x2, Big tree, Long tree, Tree 2 crowns x2, Tree 3 crowns x2, Tree 4 crowns x3, Bubble trees x2, Apple tree, Lemon tree, Plum tree, Orange tree, Stripe tree x3, Tree trunks x2, Single Flower x9, Flowers x8

Props: Balloon stand, Balloons x16, Garbage cans x3, Gifts, Hot air balloons x3, Shells x4, Umbrellas x5, Bank, Boat, Boxes, Buoy x2, Clock, Clouds, Color flags, Flower box, Palm plant, tree, Bubble gate, Pinned wall x2, Post, Road end sign, Tree sign, Skull, Tent, Traffic lights, Train barrier, Train, Grass stems x2, Laterns x2, Light chain, Fence tiles, stones x8

Farming: Beets crops, Corn crops, Plant crops, Wheat crops, Field

Animals: Blue bird, Yellow bird, Chicken, Cat x3, Pig, Spider

Roads: Sand path tile system, Stone path tile system, Railway, Bridges x3

Asset version: 1.0
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