Nautika Spaceship Pack v1.0

Nautika Spaceship Pack

Nautika Spaceship Pack – download Unity asset

This is an spaceship asset pack to add more fun into your sci-fi environments. Can be used as environment props or as playable vehicle, but it does not include any control system for that purpose. Nautika includes 2 spaceships by size: cruiser & fighter with 2 different cruiser versions. Some effects for engine heat simulation are also included in the pack.

. Cruiser A: 5,8k poly 11k tri
. Cruiser B: 2,5k poly 4,7k tri
. Fighter: 1,2k poly 2,2k tri

Nautika Spaceship has been created under unity5 and is full compatible with built-in standard pbs material. Some of the maps used in this pack:
. Albedo/color map
. Metalness/Smoothness map
. Normal map
. Occlusion map
. Emission/Glow map
. Opacity map
. Detail albedo map
. Detail normal map

About [TEXTURES]: Textures are in png/tiff/psd format. Those are huge lossless formats so you can achieve the best quality available. Texture size is 2048x.

Spaceship Nautika includes some FX (as seen in the video) to simulate Heat effect in the spaceship engines. Shaders used are made with Shader Forge and also editable with this asset.

Demo-scene is just a small demonstration of the potential that can be achieved with this pack. Nautika can also be used in as RTS unit, FPS and RPG environment decoration, etc.

This demo is unity 5 fully ready and includes:
. Unity5 built-in standard material
. Enlighten Ready*
. Reflection Probes Ready

Asset version: 1.0
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