Lowpoly Desert - Starter Kit v1.0

Lowpoly Desert - Starter Kit

Lowpoly Desert Starter Kit is a pack of assets for those who want to create low poly desert enviroments. All models are vertex colored and in FBx format.
This package contain some types of rocks, plants, terrains, trees, constructions and props. All with low poly counts (16 ~ 388 tris), good for mobile games!

- Vertex colored assets.
- Includes demo scene and basic shaders
- 66 types of assets (66 with flat color and 66 with mixed colors).
- Ready to use unity prefabs.

The package includes a selections of bones, tent, walls, well, cactos, plants, bowls, boxes,sign, vases, fence, rocks, terrains,trees and water. All you need to create a beautiful low poly desert game!

Asset version: 1.0
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