Toon Zombies - Extended Pack v1.0

Toon Zombies - Extended Pack

Toon Style hand painted customizable Full Zombie Horde.
Low Poly and Mobile friendly.

4 Customizable Zombie models:

-Male Zombies
-Female Zombies
-Hulk Zombies
-Tank Zombies

2 x 2048x2048 Color textures for all characters

+ 61 Zombie prefabs & single mesh preset models, Including:
Male Civilians, Female Civilians, Police & Military, Plagued & Infected Zombies, Stealth Hooded Zombies, Priest, Big Bosses.

+ 62 Zombie corpse models.

79 Animations:
-Calm animation set
-Aggresive animation set
-Broken animation set
-Crawl animation set
-Death & wake up (x3)
-20 Other generic zombie animations

This package only contains graphic material (models, textures, materials and animations).
No scripts or controllers of any kind are included.

Asset version: 1.0
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    1. oh man help, can you share this toon zombies :D
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      can re-upload the file? thx
      1. Hello!
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