Dungeon Weapons RobotTree v1.0

Dungeon Weapons RobotTree

These are a collection of fine dungeon weapons for your hack and slash, first person adventure game, role playing game, or even for high resolution props in your game scenes. Every item included has minimum albedo transparency maps, ambient occlusion, metallicSmoothness, and normals. The battle axe and dagger both have an emmisive channel for enchanted good times. The weapons chest is hinged and ready to be scripted for discovering what's inside! I really hope to see some blood spilt over these low poly, high resolution weapons and shields. Happy adventuring. (Created 2k maps, low poly models: Cheetah 3d and Substance Painter 2)

Dungeon Weapons Includes:
- dungeon buckler
- kite shield
- heavy mace
- broad sword
- gem adorned battle axe
- emmisive dagger
- padded weapons chest
- metal weapons rack
- dungeon scene

Asset version: 1.0
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