Zombie AA v1.1

Zombie AA

HQ Zombie Model.

v1.1 Changes:

Added Body Parts version and Mouth Open blendshape.

Based on my Mens with Shirts pack.

PBR Materials, Albedo, Normal and Metallic/Smoothness maps in 2k resolution.

Two model versions - one with two parts geometry(Head/Hands and Body) and one separated to Body Parts to be used with Dismemberment systems of your choice.

I recommend Dismembering by Hartvigs IT which was made especially for my models.

Two parts model has around 6700 tris.

Body Parts version has around 7100 tris.

Two skins for the head/hands , and two skins for Body/Clothes.

Heads have Mouth Open blendshape that can be used to easily open his mouth so he can bite!

The model has NO animations included!
It is however Mecanim Ready, so you can use MoCap or other Mecanim compatible animations to give I guess?

The Pack is compatible with most Mocap packs in the Asset Store, you can see a test using ZOMBIE Starter: MoCap Animation Pack by Motion Capture Online in the video bellow. They have Pro and Basic packs also, check them out!

Asset version: 1.1
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    1. It'd be cool if you could upload the Ninja Dark Shadow Animset Package, or something similar :/ I plan to buy it but wanna work with the animations first to test'em.