Sci Fi Top Down Space Station PolygonR v1.01

Sci Fi Top Down Space Station PolygonR

- Physically-Based Shading
- Completely modular: corridors, 2 types of doors, and room modules.
- Basic top down demo scene

C# Scripts
Lights intensity animator script based on a curve controller.

28 prefabs, including modules and props
Custom PBR shaders (based on standard shader):
- Standard with color masks for customization.
- Screen shader for any type of screens and monitors.
- World position UV for seamless tiling floor modules.
Textures up to 2048 px
Procedural tiling materials to use on floors completely customizables.
Basic lighting in prefabs and in demo scene.
Colliders already assigned to prefabs.
Top-Down Demo Scene


This assets where created to cover the almost every situation in modular top down levels. In the upcoming editions we are looking to continue series, expand the possibilities of the set and its various components.

Scripts are safe to use in Unity version 5.x or higher and 3D models may be used in much earlier versions.

Asset version: 1.01
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