Mountain Pack - Rocks, Trees and Textures v1.3

Mountain Pack - Rocks, Trees and Textures v1.3

Mountain Pack - Rocks, Trees and Textures v1.3 - Download Unity asset

Always make sure to backup your project before importing/updating!

Added Ambient Occlusion Maps and PBS Materials for most objects.

The Mountain Vegetation Pack contains 24 unique low poly models, 8 ground textures, 19 tree creator materials and more than 50 prefabs to create an outstanding mountain environment.

Models come as ready to use prefabs. This art pack contains different trees, plants, rocks and ground textures each with their normal and specular maps.

The pack includes
- Desert dead bushes (2 models in total)
- 2 different plants + texture and model variations (7 models in total)
- Dead Trees and branches (4 models in total)
- 3 different rocks + texture variations (3 models in total)
- Pine trees + model and texture variations (5 models in total)
- Big Canopy tree + texture variation (1 model in total)
- Grass texture for use with the terrain editor
- 8 different terrain textures with normal maps and alpha specularity (rgb specular map included) + Color Variations
- 1 Custom cutout shader
- 19 Tree creator materials (leaves + trunk)
- 7 Tree creator examples
- "Web Demo" scene included

Skyboxes, water and particles seen in screenshots and demos are from Unity's own assets and are not included in the pack. If you need any help, have any doubts or problems about the pack don't hesitate to contact me at
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