Toybox Construction Kit v1.0

Toybox Construction Kit

Package containing all you need to build toybox themed game levels.

Assets contained in this pack :

6 Wooden Vehicles (Plane, Car, Truck, Crane, Bulldozer, Train)

Full set of individual "Scrabble" style letter tyles, in two variations

Full set of playing cards, including jokers, in three backing colour variations.

Classic and Minimilisitic style chess sets as individual models with 2 chess-board variations.

Coloured Building Blocks (6 Pieces, 5 Colour Variations)

Toy Rocket (6 colour Variations)

Poker Chip (8 Colour Variations)

Foam Puzzle Constuction Pieces (4 Pieces, 5 Colour Variations)

Foam Puzzle Mat (5 Colour Variations)

49 piece puzzle, in individual pieces. Also included version with seperate texture mapping to facilitate custom puzzle texture.

Fences (6 Pieces)

36 Wooden Alphabet Blocks (A-Z, 0-9)

Wooden Train-Track Pieces (8 Pieces)

Soft Checkerboard tiles (2 Pieces, 6 Colour Variations)

Wooden "Jenga" blocks.
Engineering, "Mecano" style pieces. (10 Pieces, 5 Colour Variation,) + connectors.

Toy-Style Solid Construction style platforms (4 Pieces, 5 Colour Variations)

Toy-Style Bolted-Plank Platforms, (3 Pieces, 5 Colour Variations)

Shaped Construction Platform Blocks (6 Pieces, 5 Colour Variations)

Toy-Style Grated Platforms (4 Pieces, 5 Colour Variations)

Hanging Grated Platform (5 Colour Variations)

Hanging Metal Girders (2 Pieces, 1 Colour Variation)

Comes as FBX models with included .blend source files.

Asset version: 1.0
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