Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern

Urban Town Pack - Middle Eastern

Build highly detailed middle eastern town alleys and streets with buildings and props with this highly modular package.
Create the town with pre-made walls and floors, the streets with substances.
Bring your scene to life with procedurally and realistically textured props.
Walls and floors can be easily placed using Auto Snap (CTRL+L) . Ideal for first-person and Third person shooters.


- What is in the demo is in the package.
- 174 Unique modular prefabs.
- 180 Unique props.
- 25-50cm Grid spacing for realistic combinations of buildings.
- 46 deferent swappable materials for walls and floors.
- Realistic Textures with vertex color enabled materials.
- Limitless variations with smart tint shaders (ex: Painted wood).
- 360 Sky.
- 6 Color correction profiles.
- Very Realistic foliage.
- Day and Night Example scenes included.
- Prefabs scene included.

To yield best results use Linear Color Space and Deferred Rendering Path.

Assets used: Post Processing Stack from the Unity Asset Store.

"This asset uses VertexPaint and under a custom License; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in the package for details."
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