FPS Weapons v3.3f2

FPS Weapons

-34 animated first person weapons.

Each weapon has a reload, ready, hide and fire animation clip, with matching sound effects.(legacy rig)

-2 characters each with 2 material variations.(humanoid rig)

4 arm material variations matching the characters materials.

-texture size: *4096* in png format

-combat knife
-dual pistols
-sub machine gun
-pump action shotgun
-bullpup rifle
-automatic shotgun
-light machine gun
-molotov cocktail
-shield and pistol
-bow and arrow

-remote bomb
Demo scene included.

Asset version: 3.3f2
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    1. Can you fix the hotfile links?
      1. Sorry, fixed - try now.
          • winston
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          well it didn't
    2. the amount of thank you is too much thanks
    3. Can you fix the link. Link says maximum limit has reached and you cannot download it.
    4. hotfile links not fixed and nitroflare is not working either
      1. All works - need premium