2D Mountain Bicycle Template v1.1

2D Mountain Bicycle Template

This package require 3D party 2D toolkit editor extension available on the asset store Complete and easy to use package giving you the everything you need to create a 2D bicycle game.

New in V1.1 Chinese New Year Theme Level 30
o Full suspension 2D mountain bicycle physics
o Realistic 2D physics
o Full gameplay mechanics(acceleration,braking,lean forward and back, suspension bounce
o Menu system, pause,game over, main menu, bicycle selection, level selection
o Parallax Scrolling
o fully commented and easy to understand source code in C#
oMobile device ready
o29 sample levels provided to guide you on how to create your own level
o all level props, menu UI Except sounds are provided (to include sounds a place holders has been provided for you to easily add sound to the game
o uses latest UNITY UI components
o uses UNITY Everyplay gameplay recording
o very efficient design that run on low end mobile devices

Asset version: 1.1
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