Village Exteriors Kit v1.3

Village Exteriors Kit

This modular kit is what you have been looking for to construct all the Medieval Fantasy Village & Town buildings you would ever need.

Taverns & Inns, Magic Shops, Town Halls, Guild Halls, Blacksmith Forges, General Stores, Jeweler Shops, Potion Shops, Herbalist, Banks, Armorer, Fletcher, Stables, Keeps, Barns, Store Rooms and many more buildings for your game.

Modular House, Modular City Walls,
Modular Castle & Modular Cathedral prefabs included.

Key Features:
- 4752 Meshes & 4868 Prefabs
- Buildings uses 1 X 4096 texture map
- Diffuse, Normal & AO maps
- 80 Pre-done buildings to start you with
- 276 more FREE BLUEPRINTS buildings
- 6 Wall texture sets:
Plaster01 - New plaster
Plaster02 - Old Plaster
Stone01 - Light Stone
Stone02 - Dark Stone
Wood01 - Horizontal planks
Wood02 - Vertical planks
- 12 Roof styles:
6 x Wooden roof styles
5 x Slate roof styles
1 x Thatch roof style
- T , L & Cross shaped buildings:
Wooden frame templates
Wooden roof modules
Slate roof modules
- 4 Window choices:
Green opaque
Yellow opaque
No-Glass, frames only
See through glass openable windows
Includes template to make custom designs
- 18 Tileable ground textures:
Diffuse, Normals & AO
Rock x 1
Earth x 3
Grasses x 4
Cobble Stone/Paving x 5
Snow x 2
Wooden planks x 3
- Modular Stone Plinth System:
Building placement on uneven terrain
Underground basements
Underground tunnel system
2 Plinth texture sets
- Modular City Walls:
Stone Walls
Square & Round Towers
- Modular Castles prefabs:
Stone Castle Walls
Square & Round Towers
Several Parapet sets
Wall Snap-On Details
- Modular Cathedral prefabs:
Stone Castle Walls
Several Buttress sets
Stained-Glass Windows
- Modular Bridges:
Modular Wooden Bridges
Modular Stone Bridges
- Modular Wooden Decks:
Wooden walkways at docks
Wooden stairs for walkways
Wooden plinths for suspended houses
(swamps, harbors, waterfront...)
- Modular Balconies:
- 27 Modular Fence sets:
- Watch Towers
and many many more ...

Asset version: 1.3
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