Britney-Human Female v1.0

Britney-Human Female

Meet Britney, Human Female model, Skinned and textured, Mecanim Ready!

She is more advanced version of our lighter and cheaper Britney Lite-Human Female

The model comes complete with 19 facial blendshapes for various emotions.

Britney has animatable jaw bone, eyes and breast bones.

Also she has bones for the ponytail and the earrings.

She has jeans, shirt and bra, which can be shown / hidden.

Model is about 40k tris, 23k verts in all its parts.
Only body is about 17k tris.

She comes in two prefabs, one with a Cutout Hair, and one with Hair using Unity3D hair solution from the Blacksmith Demo( to see the full effect, you must play the scene).

Model has no animations included!

However it is Mecanim Ready and you can use any Mecanim and also any Mocap animations to live it up.

Asset version: 1.0
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