Factory District v1.1

Factory District v1.1

Factory District is a high quality environment pack with over 250 assets to create your own warehouse and train area level. Buildings are pre-made with full interiors that can be utilized as gameplay. Populate your grungy factory district with over 150 props ranging from large vehicles, foliage, electrical parts, and train pieces.


Pre-made buildings with full interiors Building components to help populate the buildings
Fences that can be placed on a spline to enclose your level
Large vehicle props such as trailers & forklifts that are tintable
A modular railroad systems with railroad & stopper signs
Tileable terrain textures - paint walkways and dirt paths, help break up ground with variation General props and foliage to help populate your level
LOD (level of detail) states for trees & props - allows for a more streamlined game

Technical Details:

Asset List:
• Around 150 Prop Assets (each with full LODs)
• 15 pre-made buildings full interiors
• 90+ buildings components (fences, balconies, pipes, electrical parts, ladders, railings)
• 21 fences that can be put on a spline
• 6 lights with fully functional blueprints
• 12 large vehicle props that are
swappable/tintable (trailers, forklifts, etc.) • 1 modular railroad system with railroad crossing and stopper signs
• 20+ general props
• 15 pieces of foliage (plants, trees, ivy)
• 3 tileable textures

(LODs decrease in 50% increments) • Building Components: 1,000-5,000
• General Props: 50-1,000
• Large vehicles: 5,000-20,000
• Foliage: 50-100

Texture Sizes:
• Terrain: 2048x2048
• Trees: 2048x2048
• Ground Plants: 2048x2048
• Props: 512x512-2048x2048
• Building Pieces: 1024x1024-2048x2048
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