Big Weapon Pack 2.0 Mobile Ready - Snipers, pistols, shotguns, skins v1.0

Big Weapon Pack 2.0 Mobile Ready - Snipers, pistols, shotguns, skins

Perfectly equipped with a huge selection of high-quality modern weapon models, with high-quality textures, ideal for all your modern or futuristic FPS-style game ideas.
A huge selection of colorful textures for weapons from classic to graffiti on all weapons, all to move to a new level in the graphics, giving it AAA feel.
In all weapons presented in the FPS Weapons Pack you can change, modernize the sights, trunks, forearm.
Models - <1k polygons
Textures - 1k *.png
Inside the weapon pack you will find weapons for any task:
1) Barrett M107 - large-caliber sniper rifle has 3 types of colorful textures, it is possible to complete with different sights.
2) Awp - a powerful sniper rifle is represented in 4 unique textures.
3) RPD - Soviet manual machine gun is presented in 2 textures.
4) M 249 - the fire support weapons of the infantry division has 3 types of textures.
5) Ak 47 - reliable and easy-to-use small arms have 4 types of textures.
6) Famas F1 - assault rifle, shoots cut-off for three cartridges has 3 kinds of colorful textures.
7) Galil AR - specially designed machine for fighting in the desert has 3 types of unique textures.
8) M4A1 - modified version of M16 with truncated barrel 3 variants of textures.
9) Benelli M4 - semi-automatic rifle 12-caliber with a giant shot expansion has 4 unique textures.
10) Remington 870 - combat pomp weapon with good damage has 3 variants of textures.
11) MP5 - a 9mm machine gun with a close effective range of combat 3 variants of textures.
12) KRISS Vectors - a submachine gun with the maximum accuracy of firing, there are 3 variants of textures.
13) Glock - quick-firing automatic pistol has 3 variants of textures.
14) COLT 357 - reliable and quality revolver .357 Magnum caliber has 3 types of colorful textures.

Asset version: 1.0
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