Sci-fi Design Kit v1.8

Sci-fi Design Kit v1.8

This is a modular suite of objects which you can find everything you need to build your own sci-fi level, now in Unity 5.
Halls, warehouses, laboratories, animated doors, machinerys, screens, pipes...
The only limitation is your imagination.

In this package you will find:
- 511 different objects
- 670 Prefabs
- 229 Pbr textures & the 105 original textures.
- 23 sound effects.
- A new demos Scene with the new objetcs and prefabs just to show you the possibilities of the kit.

Update 1.7
Optimized objects.
Many objects have been optimized in their geometry.
Now, objects like lights and floors that had several elements, are now a single object. What drastically reduces the drawcalls.
Particle systems have been optimized.
An atlas has been created, unifying the texture of floors and panels.
Objects and prefabs.
220 new items have been added.
New ceilings, floors and walls have been added.
New assets like chairs, bunk beds, boxes, tables etc, have been added.
New doors with their animations and sound effects have been added.
New stairs with railing and without it have been added.
Soils, with double height level have been added.
Vertical tunnels with ladder, and their accesses have been added
. A gateway system has been added.
Some objects such as floors and walls have been deepened to avoid gaps.
New arcs have been added.
New screens and consoles have been created.
New holograms have been added.
Colliders have been added for some objects.
Fixed some problems with the pivot of some objects.
Added a new script that allows you to climb vertical stairs.
Problems with the scale of some objects have been detected and fixed.
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