Modular sci-fi Environment D v1.0

Modular sci-fi Environment D v1.0

High-quality Modular sci-fi Environment D

Large number of blocks.

79 types environment blocks with individual PBR materials.

Textures resolution from 2048x2048 to 4096x4096.

That will get a huge number of variations of the environments.
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    1. Thanks for keeping this website up and active! I'm making a horror game and was wondering if you could upload this to the website? :D

      I purchased hitfile premium, thanks!! blush
      1. Hello! Thanks for feedback!
        Air Duct Pack Coming soon.
        1. Thank You!

          You don't have to, and I don't mean to ask for much but I was wondering if you could also post this too

          If not its perfectly fine! Love the website! innocent

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