Animated FPS Weapons v1.1

Animated FPS Weapons v1.1

Three animated PBR weapons suitable for FPS games, complete with world objects and muzzle flashes.

Each weapon is fully rigged and animated for idling, walking, running, aiming down sights, shooting (from hip and while aiming), jumping & landing, and reloading.

Includes a demo scene with a basic FPS setup to display animations.

PBR FPS arms and gun models, with albedo, metallic/smoothness, ambient occlusion and normal maps, all 4096x4096

Arms - 2,804
Pistol - 1,988
SMG - 2,943
Shotgun - 1,541
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  • tags: Props

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    1. Firstly, thank you very much.

      Do you have access to FPS Weapons by 3DMaesen on Unity Asset Store? Since I missed that 70% off sale.
      1. Hello!
        Unfortunately, not yet.
        1. Are you from gfx-hut . net Still thanks for everything really appreciated
    2. The link doesn't work anymore.Please update the link....
      1. Link works. Please, more details - what you problem?
        1. It says Limit reached for free download of this File.
          So, should I buy hitfile premium in order to download this asset.I even tried to download it using Vpn
          1. Yes, use premium account - no any problems with download.